HAWA DDS tuyển dụng chuyên viên Quản trị dự án

Position: Project Admin

Salary: 9.000.000-12.000.000 VND/month

1. Background information

The FAO-EU FLEGT Programme promotes the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan by improving forest governance, providing technical assistance, and building capacity through

funding projects in eligible countries. 

HAWA DDS is a project funded by the FAO-EU FLEGT Programme from FLEGT Direct Assistant budget to develop a voluntary Due Diligent System platform at the association level to

prove legality of timber sources used for woodworking production in Vietnam. HAWA DDS is developed by the Handicraft and Wood industry Association of HCM city (HAWA), accepted by

VNFOREST before receiving approval from the FAO-EU FLEGT Programme with total budget of approximately 500.000 USD.

The project is implemented in 2 phases, started from 2017 and shall finish by the end of 2020 with the objective to provide an efficient and appropriate due diligence solution for

Vietnamese woodworking manufacturers to export their products to EU and developed markets within the transitional context when VPA negotiation has been completed and the FLEGT

licensing system of Vietnam shall be applied in near future.

The 1 st phase of the project was conducted in 5 months, from 01 March to 31 August 2017, with the mission to develop a thorough project plan of HAWA Due Diligent System, which expected to be

suitable with both situations: before and after the deployment of FLEGT Vietnam.

The 2 nd phase of the project shall be carried out in 30 months, from May 2018 until December 2020 with the overall objective is: “To develop and roll out a Due Diligence System (DDS) to help HAWA members and non-members respond to international market requirements and facilitate compliance with VNTLAS/OCS requirements.”

To achieve this goal, the Service Provider (HAWA) needs to deliver the following outputs, and conduct the following activities:

Output 1: The HAWA DDS is developed
Output 2: The HAWA DDS is operationalized, piloted and evaluated
Output 3: The HAWA DDS is rolled out
Output 4: Monitoring, evaluation and visibility framework developed

Activities. The Service Provider will undertake the following activities:

Activity 1.1: Refine the overall DDS system design and key components
Activity 1.2: Develop ToRs and recruit 3 HAWA DDS development contractors
Activity 1.3: Develop the HAWA DDS core materials
Activity 1.4: Develop a standardized document set for DD on domestic timber to be included in Legal Timber Source Database
Activity 1.5: Develop and establish a Legal Timber Source Database (LTSD)
Activity 1.6: Develop the HAWA DDS Platform and IT infrastructure requirements
Activity 2.1: Operational setup for HAWA DDS piloting
Activity 2.2: Training of HAWA DDS Staff
Activity 2.3: Training of pilot HAWA members/operators to implement the HAWA DDS
Activity 2.4: HAWA DDS evaluation by HAWA DDS System Developer
Activity 3.1: Official launch of the HAWA DDS
Activity 3.2: Adaptation of the Legal Timber Purchasing Policy
Activity 3.3: Develop and support targeted outreach activities allowing HAWA to expand the HAWA DDS membership
Activity 3.4: Practice and initiate HAWA DDS implementation with HAWA members and non-members, including domestic timber suppliers
Activity 3.5: Conduct first annual performance review or system audit of the HAWA DDS
Activity 4.1: Develop and support targeted outreach activities to promote recognition of HAWA DDS in VNTLAS OCS
Activity 4.2: Evaluate all workshops, seminars, trainings
Activity 4.3: Complete awareness raising and visibility activities
Activity 4.4: Final project evaluation and project closure workshop

To implement activities proposed under the above-mentioned project, HAWA is currently looking for candidates for the position of Project Co-ordinator.

2. Job descriptions:

2.1. Documentation

 Prepare and compile proceedings documents for trainings, events & activities: minutes, invitations, questionnaire, reports …
 Draft project reports: activities & periodical reports.

2.2. System admin

 Collect, analyse, filter, verify and input data into the system.
 Update and improve data basing on user feedback.
 Online support for system members

2.3. Project communication

 Admin project websites and social network accounts
 Content and image management

2.4. Administration

 Translating document
 Organize meetings
 Event & training management

2.5. Training

 Receive trainings from project experts to perform the work, and become project trainers
 Train HAWA DDS members to use the platform

2.6. DDS Operation

 Conduct document verification

2.7. Other relevant works required by the Project Manager

3. Capacities and Qualification

 Fluency in English with good writing and speaking skills.
 Good management skill, and experience in working in English speaking environment are highly appreciated.
 Willing to learn new knowledges and skills.
 Able to conduct trainings.

Interested candidates can submit the letter of interests and CVs to the email: hawadds185@gmail.com